Monday, July 19, 2010

07/19 Daily Summary

Today I got in my AUG trades, I filled the position early in the morning while volatility was actually higher than last Friday. Usually I’d have preferred filling the position one contract at a time squeezing for better prices as the market traded higher through the morning, however, I’m on vacation this week working with limited Internet access so went in with the full position in one shot. Let’s start the journey to AUG profits!

I’ve also added a few cash-secured puts on KO and WMT. After listening to several sessions in the Sheridan Mentoring site, and after back-testing for the past 3 years I’m convinced that this is a great way to keep the long-term portion of my portfolio working for me as well. I won’t be publishing day-to-day positions on the cash-secured puts/covered calls, but might add them at the end of each month just to track performance. I’ve sold the 47.5 Put on WMT and the 50 Put on KO both for about 1% ROI on the capital.