Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Question to readers: How to get a job as a trader?

As I couldn't sleep last night, listening to our newest addition to the family, Tiago, I kept wondering: How nice would it be to actually trade as a job. I have been trading on my own in a part-time mode for quite a while (started w/Forex late 2005) and simply put it, I love this business. I was wondering about doing a career change and actually make this my job/career.

How would one get a job or start a career as a trader?

Would any of you like to share your thoughts, suggestions, comments, etc? I would appreciate your feedback.

02/15 Daily Summary

Ok, second day in the trade, so far so good, not much has changed except that we were trading lower intra-day Today and pulled back up to the same levels as Yesterday. Today I have updated my trading log and have posted the full plan as well as the monitoring dashboard, I've been doing these for so long that trading without the dashboard and the evening game-plan routine seems weird even if for just a day. Same is true for the blog.

One of the things I'd like to call attention to is the fact we have had a few "quiet" days, as you can see on the daily spikes and the intra-day activity monitoring chart.. I am looking forward to riding at least another 10 days like that so I can get out of MAR. :)