Saturday, August 15, 2009

08/15 Key Postings

This post collects some of previous entries where I explained some of the tools I use on my options trading. I'm also using this to gather key information regarding the strategies I'm currently trading.

As you might already know, I have decided to focus on trading just two strategies between now (SEP) and the end of the year: Iron Butterflies and IBM Calendar. My goal is to simplify the business so I can focus on the strategies that are working best in the current environment. I'm also dedicating a portion of my capital to Day Trading FOREX, and keep a separate blog for those trades as they are very different from the options strategies I use.

Key postings to read:
12/30 Decision-Making Process: Should I stay or should I go? - Posting in details on how I used the decision tree tool for evaluating adjustment alternatives vs. closing vs. doing nothing on a trade that was under water.

XLE Decision Making - Another example of using a decision tree to evaluate adjustment alternatives.

09/04 TOS Contingent orders - How do I set up my contingent orders in TOS

09/03 Tools in the toolshed - A collection of sites I use as resource for my trading.

When do I cut Deltas on Iron Butterflies? - My answer to a frequent blog question

I Can See Clearly Now - Explains what I see as the current environment, and how it differs from past higher volatile periods

Trade Monitor day-by-day - Explains how I compose the daily charts that I use to track my positions

Understanding the Volatility Cone - Explains how I create the volatility cone

My VIPES spreadsheet Explained - Explains this Price action and volatility study

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crk said...

would you mind sharing your excel spreadsheets? i was curious as to how do you implement the "Get Data" button in Excel to get the historical volatility data. Are you fetching this data from Yahoo or ThinkorSwim DDE?