Sunday, January 15, 2012

FEB/12 Entry Study Sheets

These are the two Pre-Entry study sheets I developed, I used these to check both NDX and IBM prior to entering my positions for FEB/12 contracts. What I'm looking for is any sort of indication that things might be out of wack. I've noticed that using this sort of perspective while backtesting gave me good insights as to when I'd be entering a position in normal vs. stormy market conditions, this allowed me to thing about entering all at once or scaling into the position as a strategy.

Like I said, this is just an indication, at least a way to "check the temperature" before going into the trade. Won't predict the future or anything, just give us an indication of how is the market before jumping in.



1/13 Weekly Summary

This week I entered the FEB positions, both the NDX Iron butterfly and the IBM Tripple calendars. I was traveling Monday and was only able to put the trades on Wednesday. Notice I entered the NDX iron butterfly with 2 thirds of my total capital, leaving space for adjusting. I also entered only 1/2 of the IBM calendars, this was mostly due to time constraints to be honest I got busy and didn't follow through to complete the position. The JAN IBM tripple calendar is still on, I will exit it next week, my plan is to take it off by expiration Friday.

I also used a different spreadsheet to evaluate how much to allocate on the trades, I will post a separate blog entry for you to review the study I'm looking at before entering my trades in 2012.