Sunday, October 3, 2010

e-Book project

If you were to ask me for writing an eBook what should it be about? I have a few suggestions, but would like your feedback since you are, after all, the people I care about. Yes, I care about my family, but as my blog reader you kind of are my extended team.. Through good times and bad times I always felt I had people working with me through the blog.. So, here are a few ideas in my head:

1) My Trading plan: Everything I do with my iron butterflies, what, when, where and how to trade, adjust, etc.

2) 101 Lessons learned: Yes, I’ve been counting and am up to close to 101 lessons, each lesson I’ve learned over the years came to me with some “attached cost” to them, I’d love to have you guys avoid these pitfalls I fell into, as well as learn some tricks I’ve captured in the process.

3) I Quit my job! I’m now a full-time trader! Then… 2008 Market crash happens: Tale of what went on in my life during this period, it was prior from writing the blog, but I’ve kept paper journals on the story. Yes, I’m back to a full time job and trading, this eBook would help explain why, and perhaps serve as a “read before you quit your job to trade full time” kind of thing..

Ok, there you have it, 3 options, which one would be more useful for you? It would probably take me some time to write #2, and I might start with 10 or 20 lessons and go from there, my goal is to have something done by the end of October and make it available on the blog for a small fee *(yes, I’m selling the eBook, after all, it has value, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, I think you can afford $10 bucks or so, and it will be worth it.)

I’ve been mulling over this topic for a while now, the truth of the matter is I’ve gotten way too busy for my own good and never put this into action, but the pieces have been rolling around in my head for too long now and it is time to act.