Sunday, August 7, 2011

8/7 Weekly Summary

This is certainly not a pretty picture, notice how we had several days with over 2 standard deviation to the down-side, also have been a lot of intra-day volatility with the indexes trading a wide range up and down several times in a day.

Even though I have been trading longer term posisions, with a weekly overview and no adjustment other than stop loss. This time around I have personally taken all my positions to the sidelines on 7/26, about a week before the default deadline and congressional vote.. Many times we get hit by a storm that comes out of nowhere, we adjust, take the hit, etc.. This time around we had clear dates and the storm was brewing on everyone's radar, so I navigated my small little boat to the pier, tied it down and am waitting for the storm to pass.

Let's see what this new week brings us. Cheers!