Monday, August 2, 2010

8/2 Daily Summary

Here is the good news: I’m still in the trade, now, for the bad news: I made a mistake on my PL tracking spreadsheet, it was reporting more profits and a bigger recovery than it should. Back on the 23rd I did a butterfly roll to move my short contracts, as it turned out, I logged one of the trades twice. This did not affect my greeks and future adjustments, but it created a skew on my P/L reporting, it was almost as if I was trading with one gauge on my dashboard.. I need to expand how this happen, but Today was a big day and I’m looking forward to a bit of rest before Tomorrow, so it will have to wait. Bottom line, I’ve adjusted my P/L to report the current P/L, I’m still down on the trade, was up a bit last week instead of being up a lot as I thought I was.. Will have to stay longer on the trade.