Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3/16 Daily Summary

I have not started the APR position yet. To be quite honest I may just sit it out this month, give myself some time to regroup. The market seems to need some of that time out as well, notice the last 2 days have been really aggressive, Yesterday with a big gap down and Today with a crash down in prices. I'm glad I'm out to say the least.. Let's see how this market behaves moving forward.

A big thank you to the readers that posted their support on my last month's trading accident. I've basically gone back to flat in my 1-year performance, which is a big pain... Like I said, I need to spend the time and review play by play this MAR position as well as all my past trades to recognize the issues and lessons learned before jumping in the water again.. I find that back testing and journal review is a good way for me to build up confidence. I've been having very busy week days, so plan on doing it over the weekend. For now, will keep watching the day by day market action as I do have a few cash-secured puts/covered call positions I'm working on for the long-term portion of my portfolio.