Thursday, March 3, 2011

3/3 Daily Summary

Today my dear reader, is my worst day in the trading business thus far! Don't get me wrong, the contingent orders did what they were supposed to do, I did my job with the plan last night, yet the modeling I had Yesterday failed to reflect the true life impact of a gap up + continuation of Today. The blow to the trade P/L was much higher than forecast, and all I have left to do is execute an orderly retreat. My job now is to take my risk off the table. Perhaps the spreads are just wide? Who knows, I'll see what Tomorrow looks like in the morning, but at this point the thing to do is start peeling off spreads.

It is a feeling of inadequacy that bothers me the most.. I'm not kidding around here, feel I left my family down with this one.. On the bright side, it will take me about 3 good months to fully recover, so it is not like it is a fatal blow and I'm out of business... Just a matter of time, and since this is for the long run, I shall pick up the pieces, come back Tomorrow and continue moving forward.

I have lessons to learn here, so will have to do some soul searching this weekend for sure.