Saturday, June 26, 2010

06/26 Performance from trade strategies I've used in the past

I've decided to clean up my blog a bit, and noticed I have performance postings that are quite outdated on my main menu navigation. Since a few months ago I've decided to focus all my attention and limited time on one trading strategy instead of trying to manage multiple positions through the cycle.

The selected strategy is the NDX Iron Butterfly, so I created this blog entry to simply gather the other strategies I've used before for future reference if I ever decide to brush them up and trade them again. Here are links to all other strategies I've traded one way or another in the past:

NDX Fast Iron Butterfly

OEX Weekly Condor

RUT Iron Condor

DEC 09 Trades

NOV 09 Trades

OCT 09 Trades

SEP 09 Trades

AUG 09 Trades

JUL 09 Trades

JUN 09 Trades

MAY 09 Trades

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