Tuesday, July 28, 2009

07/28 Daily Summary

The portfolio was looking a lot better mid-day Today, then stocks started to move back up and finished erasing the earlier pull back. Today, we challenged the 5 EMA on the daily chart for most of the Indexes/ETFs I'm trading, if we trade bellow Today's low, the odds are we'll be starting the pull back.

Most of the positions got a slight improvement in their P&L, theta is helping and the fact we're trading at the same price levels for a few days is another help for the positions. Should we see a pull back or continue to stay around the trades are going to continue to improve.

I added another contract to the IBM calendar, plan on adding more to it later on the week. I'm not sure if I'll open a double-calendar or if I'll build on the 115 and divide it up if we move beyond the "tent"., It will all depend upon where we are sometime around Thursday.

Positions' Details:
07/28 IBM Calendar
07/28 RUT 30-day Iron Condor
07/28 MNX Iron Butterfly
07/28 SPY Double Diagonal

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