Tuesday, August 18, 2009

08/18 Daily Summary

Today was a good recovery day for the SEP MNX Iron Butterfly. I also got my profits out of the AUG IBM Calendar and am going to exit the AUG MNX Iron Butterfly Tomorrow.

Added the RUT Iron Butterfly, it is a bit different from the MNX position and this is the first time I trade the RUT Iron Butterfly, so let's see how it goes. I had a positive session with Dan Sheridan, we discussed a few fine tunning adjustments on the way I'm handling the Iron Butterflies, but overall no major blunders on my part, which is always good!! :)

Now the only position left for my SEP trades is the IBM calendar, I plan on adding it next week.

Position's Details:
08/18 RUT Iron Butterfly
08/18 MNX Iron Butterfly - SEP
08/18 IBM Calendar
08/18 MNX Iron Butterfly

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