Wednesday, January 20, 2010

01/20 Daily Summary

Another day of extreme ZIG ZAG action.. After a large up-day, here comes a larger down-day.. Deal with it! :)

Today was a busy morning as some contingent orders got filled when the market was at its low point. I violated one of my rules of not watching the market, and was observing price action on the NDX around 7AM, turns out it was to my benefit as my contingent order failed to get filled. I was too skimpy on the offer, was trying Mark + 0.05, I adjusted it to mark + 0.10 to ensure a faster fill.

Position's details and Price chart:
01/20 NDX Iron Butterfly
01/20 MNX Iron Butterfly
01/20 RUT Iron Condor
01/20 OEX Iron Condor
01/20 NDX Iron Butterfly - Game plan - Downside - Put together early in the morning

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