Friday, January 22, 2010

01/22 RUT Iron Condor

I closed the position Today, because I was under a “market watch” this afternoon after we hit -0.5 on the 5-day volatility chart Yesterday. Today I shut down the position before it hit max loss. Saved a few percentage points as the market kept on going down.. Bottom line, not a good month again for the RUT Iron Condor.


Doppleganger said...

The price swings on the RUT iron condor haven taken me out a lot too in the past. I now play the SPX, my iron condors (with initial shorts at delta 15 on both sides) are working fairly well with decent credit for the past 9 months (8 months profit, 1 breakeven).

Gustavo's Trades said...

Thank you for bringing it up, interestingly enough I had the exact opposite experience with SPX, bad fills and bigger price swings.. Maybe it was a matter of when (back in 08 I decided to stop trading SPX because of that)..

Now am experiencing a very similar situation with RUT. My plan is to trade MAR and re-evaluate my trading plan based on the Q1 results.