Wednesday, February 17, 2010

02/17 OEX Weekly Iron Condor

This was not a good week for me on the OEX Weekly Iron Condor. I got stopped out of my call spread this morning as the OEX traded around 506. In hindsight I believe my entry was a big part of this issue, as you see, I enter this position early in the morning, and when I got in, the OEX was trading below 500, then it proceed to rally through the day and got my trade in trouble right off the gate. I will reach out to fellow OEX weekly traders to find out if they had the same problem and if they enter at the end of the day to avoid such an issue. In my backtesting for this model all assumptions were based on a end of day entry, but in reality I’ve noticed little difference between the early morning prices and end of day, except for Yesterday. So I need to further research and evaluate the model I using for testing and live trading execution to make they as close to a match as possible.

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