Saturday, March 20, 2010

MAR MNX Iron Butterfly Day-by-day review

The MAR position was fantastic! I got my P/L target really quickly and simply took my money off the table. I know by talking to other Sheridan students that whoever stayed longer got their profits taken away. I’ve been there done that, so am really glad that I’m maturing as a trader and able to walk away with my money! :)

Trade 1: From 02/16/2010 to 02/25/2010 +10.45% ROI
Day by day:

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Chad said...

Hey Gustavo!

I remember a while back you stayed in for a higher target ROI and ended up paying the price. You vowed to book profits with a more modest target. GREAT JOB my friend! 10.45% profits in only 7 trading days!!! I am really liking these iron butterflies!