Monday, June 21, 2010

Fantastic day! As I watched the market early AM, I’ve decided against “touching up” any of my contingent orders. I avoided making the “spur of the moment” decision based on limited time and information, and this was KEY for my JUL trade. As it turns out, we backed out from Today’s highs, and ended up going into the sweet zone of my position. I’ve exited the trade with my target profit after being in the market for exactly 2 days! Ok, I did make a math rounding mistake and ended up taking 9.52% instead of the round 10%, but in 2 days?!?! Who cares about the extra .48%?? I’ll leave it on the table as an extra tip, thank you very much! :)
Since trading is a performance activity, I won’t be kicking back and relaxing, just waiting for the next cycle. This time I’ll enter another JUL position in papertrader and keep on monitoring as if real money. Just want to keep working on the craft...

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