Tuesday, July 27, 2010

07/27 Daily Summary

Another day without any adjustments, that’s awesome! I’m very grateful for the P/L recovery in the past 2 days. I have a feeling the elephant is getting tired of running up, let’s see what Tomorrow brings, because Today was a bearish formation I’ve decided to move my up-side adjustment a few points closer because if we take out the previous highs I figure it is a good sign to go on and hedge against the upside. Let’s see what Tomorrow brings. We’re approaching 2 weeks into the trade, so I must make a decision by the end of this week: stay longer or start closing up shop (i.e. condorizing/exiting sooner).


PBER57 said...

Feels strange not to be adjusting! LOL

Had to reduce my deltas on my SPY butters but otherwise ok. Fast Money said to expect a large move coming... either way. But then again thats CNBC LOL

Good Luck


Gustavo's Trades said...

No kidding! I do have to sit on my hands and hold on tight not to try to "touch up" here and there..

I figured that my best adjustments are those planned for the night before, and not anything done spur of the moment. Speaking of it, last night I did think about what would I do if we were around 1875, sure enough, as we closed Today I went ahead and rolled some of my short contracts out to reduce the risk (less capital in play, less Gamma) and stand a big day if it comes..

I don't listen to radio or TV, it used to drive me crazy all those guys with their opinions. "A big day is coming.." what kind of prediction is this? ahah It is like I go ahead and say: we will go down some day between now and 2015. Duhhh

Well, let's keep on riding, right?

Take care!