Monday, August 16, 2010

8/16 Daily Summary

I’ll be looking to get in Tomorrow morning, Wednesday at the latest. While this pull back deflates the volatility, it gives me a chance to get in with a bearish bias and hedge the up-side if I’m wrong. That being said, if we pull back even further Tomorrow it will provide me with what I think is a good entry point, as I believe we’ll see a bit more down-side than this. Either way, it is time for me to get in, so I’ll just go for it.


PBER57 said...

I too made a small profit on my August positions. Suspect that we will retrace 50% up of last weeks move. I went in too early on my butterflies and wont do that this month and see if I have to adjust less. With September a volatile month anyways I am sure it will be interesting. Back in IBM, SPY, XEO for Sept


Gustavo's Trades said...

Yeah, sometimes timing is everything, isn't it? I got in Today, as I usually don't like to wait too long before getting in.