Monday, September 27, 2010

9/27 Daily Summary

Ok, ok, first of all, I feel bad for being away for such a prolonged time, I was on vacation, then cut my vacation short to travel to Europe for work. Now finally back, recovering from a bunch of 12+ hours days and little to no time to dedicate to my trading and market evaluation. I’ve ended up messing myself up this OCT cycle, as you can see on my dashboard, I failed to properly hedge the trade as the market moved higher. Typically I’d have 2 contingent orders, this time around, because of I dedicated little time and attention to the trade’s first week I failed to protect against the up-side, sure enough we moved higher pretty quickly and I got left with almost no room to go. I was contemplating shutting the trade down this morning, but we got a brief market break and I intend to leverage on it: will move a few short spreads around and stay in the trade with the goal to recover and land it at or around break-even.

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