Monday, November 8, 2010

11/08 Daily Summary

The position posted a great recovery Today! I'm very grateful for the market staying quiet this Monday, this allowed me to recover the P/L and I'm now in condorizing mode for the month. The goal for this week is to move my short contracts away from the Money, I'll have a short window of opportunity Tomorrow early AM to move my 2175 call spreads further out and shall do so as planned. I've moved one contract Today from 2175 to 2200 and plan on rolling the remaining ones to 2225. Sorry for the short posting, I'm basically wasted for the day, it has been a very long day at work... I'm moving closer to my job to cut back on commuting time and this will give me a few precious hours in the day to come home and stay with my family as well as update my trade plan a bit sooner in the evening. Cheers!

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