Monday, November 1, 2010

11/1 Daily Summary

Today was a good day, the market is starting to discount the values on my short contracts and I finally feel that price decay is kicking in. We got close to my adjustment point, and I'm glad we didn't touch it. Wednesday is finally the FMOC meeting, with this behind I feel the trade will start to function as expected (i.e. time decay will kick in and not be taken over by inflated values/higher vols).

Last but not least, in case you didn't notice the black bar on the right side, I've created a Facebook page to relate back with this blog. My goal with facebook is to create more of an on-line conversation rather than a formal record of the day to day trading journal.. Anyhow, if you like you can add it to your facebook and I hope to hear your comments, discussions, etc.

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