Wednesday, January 26, 2011

1/26 Daily Summary

I've shut down the position Today early in the morning prior to starting my day at work. The reason behind is simple: I want to be out of the FEB position if the baby decides to come in the next few days... Not to mention, 7% for 6 days in the market is awesome! 1 % per day.. I'll take that, thank you, see you next month :)

I did make a mistake that got me really upset with myself: I had a mistake in my contingent orders last night, instead of trigger at or bellow 2235, I typed 2335 and 30 minutes after the opening I got filled on an extra PUT that I didn't need. That took out about 1.1% of my bottom line. While this is a mistake, I am glad it happened and I'm very happy with the way I handled.

In the past I'd be super perfectionist when it came to my trading. Any mistake, for the smallest one, I'd be super upset with myself, spend the whole day dwelling on it, complaining, feeling lousy, etc, etc... Today, I noticed, got upset for 5 minutes and proceed to handle the situation the best way possible and exit the trade. I guess it takes time to develop as a trader, and this is a sign of learning and progressing in my trading path.

So, there you have it, with mistake an all, by far a very imperfect trade, FEB paid off a nice 7% ROI. Thank you!


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