Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3/23 Daily Summary

Just a brief update Today, I don't have my usual NDX Iron butterfly on as I have decided to take a break on the APR cycle. I have started a few covered call/cash-secured put trades, my plan is to do something very simple this month and repeat it moth after month on the long-term portion of my portfolio. This is actually working well as I am working with my wife on this very simple strategy, it is good to have her engaged on this, a great partnership for sure!


LJF said...

What type of returns do you look for in your naked puts? Why naked puts over just buying the stock? Isnt the margin and downside risk almost the same yet your participation on the upside is capped?

Gustavo's Trades said...

Hi there, let me address some of your questions on my next posting, as these are really good questions to post to all.

thank you!