Monday, April 4, 2011

4/4 Daily Summary

Not much market activity Today. I've started some cash-secured put positions for the MAY expiration cycle. As I have mentioned earlier, my plan now is to take a simpler approach and trade a basic strategy for a while, this will allow me to continue trading while on a reduced schedule and also allow for more time to bring my wife along to the trading/investing strategies so we can work the business together.


The Option Jedi said...

Hi Gustavo and other readers,
Just a heads up if you haven't seen yet, the Nasdaq are rebalancing on May 2nd which will see AAPLs weighting drop to 12.3% from 20.5%. This could increase short term volatility - something to think about if you are considering a May position in NDX or MNX.

Anonymous said...

RE: Nasdaq rebalancing. sorry - some details here:

Gustavo's Trades said...

Hi Doodelzack, thank you for the heads up! I actually believe there are two events that may push some volatility into the markets:

1) Nasdaq rebalancing as you noted
2) Federal budget stand-off which may lead to a government shut down
3) Rumors about FED having to hike their rates..

All and all, this is a good heads up, I may actually post it on Today's summary.