Sunday, December 4, 2011

12/02 Weekly Summary

This week was good for all my positions, first with the NDX iron butterfly, I took it out this week when the market rallied back and it got to my profit goal (around 10%). Now, for the cash-secured puts, they are looking good and I may start trimming them down this week week as some of them are approaching very close to the profit targets (about 90% of the credit, or 1% of the margin value).

I mentioned in a few postings that I have been looking for much more of a no-touch trading strategies, and to be honest the most challenging part of trading is what happens when your position starts to be under water.. Controlling the urge to not look at the market every 10 to 15 minutes is not easy, at least not easy to me. So I have some controlling to do last week and was very glad I was able to keep my cool and only adjust at the time of day and price levels I had originally planned. I think just by being aware of that it helped me to stay on control and manage the anxiety.

Other than that, we are getting ready for the Holidays!

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