Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2/10 IBM Calendar (Feb/Mar) Weekly Summary

2/10 Update: Looks like we had a pop on volatility and the trade is looking really awesome by the end of this week.

2/9 Update: Looking great Today, I'm riding this through the expiration week

2/8 Update: Got a rush of adrenaline when I saw an email on my inbox that I had been assigned 600 shares of IBM at 185,, then got myself to cool off. After all, these were hedged with the long APR calls, so I had no reason to panic. When I got a bit of free time I went in there and bought back the 600 IBM shares and sold off the long 185 calls. Turns out whoever assigned me these shares gave me a $400 gift, so thanks!

2/7 Update: No major change from Yesterday, still looking down by a little bit

2/6 Update: As expected, showing recovery from Friday's P/L state, looks like Friday was a mis-print, either that or a good price manipulation by end of day.

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