Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Going on vacation

Ok everyone, time for me to take a long awaited and well deserved trading break during the Holiday Season! I wish all of you the very best, have a great Holiday and Joyful time. Looking forward to starting again in JAN. I will be trading the FEB contracts early next year, this break means I will pass on trading the JAN contracts. I chose to do this for two reasons:
1) I want a break
2) I didn't feel very excited about the vols being so low and the value totally extracted out of the JAN contracts this week, so I'll pass on selling the iron butterfly this month. Does it mean it won't work? Of course not, you will never know (I will never know) unless you do it. But see reason #1, that is the most important one for now. :)

I will post an update day-by-day review on the DEC contracts, sometime in the next few days, as well as an update on my performance.

2010 was a positive year despite my learning curve during the earlier part of the year (read too many trades, multiple strategies and losses), things got really better for me once I focused in ONE trade per month, that made my life easier and my focused approach paid off. It worked for me, so I'll do more of the same in 2010!!


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