Friday, December 24, 2010

DEC/10 NDX Iron Butterfly Day-by-day Review

My DEC NDX Iron Butterfly was a good position (+5.11% ROI). It challenged the up-side once again, but it did so in a controlled manner, allowing me to cut and roll and make a profit. I had one adjustment in the last few days that cost me the 10% goal. Friday prior to expiration week we moved higher and got too close to my short strikes so I decided to close, it would have worked if I let it ride the weekend but I was moving and did not feel good about having that additional stress in my mind during the moving weekend (not to mention I was tired from flying back from Europe the same weekend). Anyway, all things considered I put in the trade and managed it regardless of travel schedule, work schedule and life schedule..

Also, the process of monitoring my well-being and overall mind-state was awesome and certainly something I'll continue to do moving forward. This is all about an on-going process of self improving, this is why I enjoy trading so much!

11/17 Daily Summary
11/18 Daily Summary
Ok, Today I can't login to TOS for one reason or a...
11/21 Game plan for Tomorrow.
11/22 Daily Summary
11/23 Daily Summary
11/24 Daily Summary
11/26 Daily Summary
11/28 Game Plan
11/29 Daily Summary
11/30 Daily Summary
12/01 Daily Summary
12/03 Daily Summary
12/04 Daily Summary
12/06 Daily Summary
12/7 Daily Summary
12/08 Daily Summary
12/09 Daily Summary
12/10 Daily Summary

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